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Hello. We are Funfactive, a video game studio that creates fun games for mobile and web.

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What we think makes a game fun...

...and what we do to achieve these.

Easy to Play

Anybody should be able to understand the goal and rules of the game in a minute.

What we do: We pre-test our ideas on different players at an early stage. We only finish the game if this test is passed.

Nice Visuals

The game art should be simple and catchy, yet unique among similar games.

What we do: We hire professionals to make our games attractive. For each game we carefully choose the right artist.

Positive and Rewarding

No violence. The gameplay and theme should focus on words like fun, logic, curiosity and surprise.

What we do: We always start with a story and we try to build a game around it - even if the final game eventually won't have a story.

Great Music and Sound

Like in films, sound design in games is just as important as visuals.

What we do: We love working with audio. We take the time to find the perfect sound effects and background music that match the style of the game.

Lake Balaton in summer

Who we are

We have one main goal: to entertain people with our games.

Our main focus is on puzzle and adventure games, but we're interested in arcade, action, racing and other types as well.

Thanks to HTML5 technology all of our games can be played in a web browser - on both smartphones and desktop computers - without download and installation.

Our company is located in Hungary, close to the beautiful shores of lake Balaton.

Here the summer is awesome, air is fresh and trees are green - a great place for biking, running and creating cool video games :-)

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